How did you plan and schedule your NanoDays event?

Beck Tench

For this installment of the NanoDays Blog, I want you to answer the question: How did you plan and schedule your NanoDays event? NanoDays 2009 at Maryland Science CenterNanoDays 2009 at Maryland Science Center Here are some specific questions to help get you thinking.

  • What was the size and scope of NanoDays at your institution?
  • What critical paths did you take from envisioning NanoDays to hosting it? Were your expectations met? If they were, what advice do you have for others? If they weren't, how did you handle it?
  • Did you use any social networking or web-based services to help plan, schedule, recruit, advertise, or follow-up? If so, which ones and how'd it go? If not, how come?
  • If this was your second NanoDays, what did you do differently in planning and scheduling this year?
  • Regardless of how many NanoDays you've hosted, what will you do differently next year?